About Me

I am an artist and certified landscape and floral instructor, living in Washington DC metro area. I'm inspired by nature and color so, I took the opportunity to paint and follow my dream. I am always looking for opportunities to improve my art. I've developed my art skills and style from self education, practice and wet-on-wet oil painting technique by many artists. I love to paint landscapes, flowers and animals with oil and acrylic colors. I also like to paint mandala dot paintings on canvas and stone. I often donate paintings for charities or any other good cause.


I have started my YouTube channel to share my art to the world. I love to teach people how to paint landscapes and flowers.


I believe art is a great source of calmness and that you start to paint if you have not done so and you find calmness that I have found.

My Art Portfolio

Original acrylic and oil paintings illustrating mostly landscapes and floral images with realism and natural beauty. Showcasing roses to mountains and many more flowers and landscapes. Thank you for visiting my portfolio.

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Mountain Sunset

Northern Lights

Roses Canvas

Mountain Beauty


Mountain Glow

Meadow Charm

Roses Vase

Sunflower Clay Pot

Snow Mountain

Falls Oval


Hanging Pot of White Flowers

Basket of Daisy and Cluster Flowers

Mountain Landscape

Amaryllis Flower

Frozen Winter


Lonely Retreat

The Lonely Cabin

Basket of Tulip Flowers


Mild Winter Day

Peaceful Mountain

Windy Waves

After The Storm



One Stroke Painting

Winter Day

Oval Essence

Frozen Solitude

Purple Flower


Red Poppy in a Clay Pot


Foot of the Mountain

Iris Flower


Poinsettias Flowers

Pastel Seascape

Northern Lights in Oval


After The Rain

Basket of Sunflower


River side Cabin


Mountain Cabin


At The End Of The Day


Pink Roses

Basket of Lilacs and Daisies


Autumn Sunrise

Glass vase with Roses

Night Blooming Cereus

Cypress Swamp

Fantasy Flowers

Fisherman's Paradise

By The Sea

Red Poppy Flowers

Forest Edge

Mountain Stream

Big Flower with oil color

At Dawn's Light

Quiet Waterfall

Abstract Sea

White Cereus

Waterfall In The Woods

Blue Seascape

Oval Roses

Pink Mums

Water City

Yellow Hibiscus flower

Blue Glory

Cool Water

Whispering beauty

Abstract guitar

Basket full of Tulip

The Mountain Sea

Macaw painitng

Abstract Space

Under Skies


Hollyhock Flower

Mums Flower

My Youtube Tutorials

These are my YouTube videos that you can watch while painting along. I would love to hear from you any suggestions you may have. Please like, subscribe and enjoy the paintings.

Step by step easy painting using acrylic and oil colors

How to paint Dot mandala art

How to draw manadala art

Youtube short art videos

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